It’s 2017!

After my epic 4,100-mile road trip in six days, I woke up this morning at a sort of normal time: 8 am. I’ve been waking up very early lately, that’s it’s just obscene. My younger self would be completely disappointed with my current self.

Today was spent just lazing around watching some football and doing nothing. The thought of having to go back to work on Tuesday is depressing. It makes me wonder if there are some drugs I can procure to make me forget about things for a bit.

And speaking of things I want to forget for a bit, at around 10 pm last night I got this text message from a family member:

“First of all ur X-mas card is 7 days late. And u have a job and making money and it’s just a card? No gift card anything like that! U cheap “blank”!”

I guess this is one less family member I need to care for anymore. Happy 2017.