Los Angeles Drivers Aren’t The Only Ones Who Can’t Drive in the Rain

Here I am in Baton Rouge again! As freaky as it sounds, there is something familiar about the place each time I come back. I got in at around 5:30, so when I go back up to Zachary and Jackson tomorrow we’ll see how things really are.

One thing on my drive from Abilene, TX got me so worked up that I had to call Catherine lest I forget about it. (And I damn near almost did.) Take a look at the photograph below:


This was taken just around Tyler, TX on the I-20, just about 60 miles from the Texas-Louisiana border. We had hit a very brief but very hard downpour a few miles before this. And I should note that most people in my vicinity did not turn on their headlights making it very difficult to see their cars.

Anyhow after we drove past that, we soon got stuck in this traffic. Multiple times! In this first one, a truck had driven off the side of the road and needed to be pulled back onto the interstate. On another, two cars collided sending one to go head first into a speed limit sign upside down.

The more I was stuck in this traffic, the more I stewed and stewed. Sure, Los Angeles gets a bit clogged when it rains. And we native Angelenos have to hear it from the cocksucking out-of-towners about how great they fucking drive in the rain.

Now here I am in a part of the country where they get a lot of rain, certainly more than in Los Angeles. Yet I don’t see any of these drivers any better than my fellow Angelenos.

So to all you smug assholes who bitch about LA drivers in the rain: FUCK YOU. YOU SILLY PUTAS ARE JUST AS BAD IN YOUR OWN FUCKING HOMETOWNS.

Anyways, here are some more pictures. One of the things I was looking forward to was stopping at a Buc-ee’s while in Texas. Imagine part truck stop, part megastore, part fast food joint.

Buc-ee's in Terrell


Here is more of Baton Rouge. Here’s the old State Capitol building which was set on fire during the Civil War:

Old State Capitol Building


The New BridgePier