God Bless Amerikkka

I honestly don’t know what the proper response to these times are. We see Trump appointing what polite company are calling “alt-right” but what we all know are Nazi cunts to his cabinet. And groups of these small white men are feeling empowered to reveal their racist selves and perform their Nazi salutes and greetings. It’s pretty fucking scary, even for me who can compartmentalize things with the best of them.

Other than what seeps into my consciousness from social media, I really do try and avoid all news about Trump. On Sunday I was watching the local news so I can see just how bad it was raining in other parts of LA. When they opened the hour with news of the Trump transition meetings, I changed channels.

I can’t take it. I know right after the election I was holding out a strand of hope that Trump would not be a complete cuntface, but it seems that he can’t help himself.

So here is me still ignoring things. On a lighter note, the new Gilmore Girls episodes will be released on Friday.