Road Trip Photo Gallery

As I took my normal exit to my apartment Thursday night, Dallas Aunt said, “Welcome home!” I sighed. It was 11:30 pm, and I didn’t have the energy to respond with more than that sigh. There is a depression that hits you when you are forced to return to reality, and with how fucked up I’ve been feeling the last few months, this return provoked dread from me.

But the trip was fun. Despite the blow up I described on Day 2 of our journey in the last post, the rest of the trip was smooth. We continued up PCH through the Northern Californian coast which rivals the Central California coast. Through the redwoods and into Oregon before taking I-5 up to Seattle and then into Vancouver.

We were only in Seattle for a day, and we did the touristy things: Pike Place Market and the Space Needle. But at the Space Needle, we also went through the Chihuly Garden and Glass which blew us both away. Looking at the glass sculptures amid the gardens was emotionally overwhelming. I really wasn’t expecting it.

After Seattle it was onto Vancouver where we spent three days. We visited the Capilano Suspension Bridge, Grouse Mountain, Granville Public Market, Van Dusen Gardens before taking the ferry to Victoria and visiting the Butchart Gardens. Vancouver really surprised me. I thought this would be the boring little milquetoast town, but I ended up really enjoying it. Had Dallas Aunt not been glued to my side the entire trip, I probably would have liked to explore more of the city offerings.

For the second half of the road trip, we went back down into the States through the Palouse of Eastern Washington into Idaho and Montana before heading south on the I-15 through Utah with a stop in Vegas before coming back.

Since Dallas Aunt was dismissive of going through Idaho and Montana, we didn’t spend as much time there as I would have liked. But one thing that really impressed me was how small it felt driving among the mountains and forests. We are mere specks in the grand scheme of things, but here we are destroying the world with seeming impunity. It got me choked up thinking about this while driving, it’s a damn miracle I didn’t drive off the side of the road or a cliff.

Enough with my words! Below here is a slideshow of pictures I took. Enjoy!