Avoiding Things

In an effort to avoid dealing with The Grandmother shit today, I will talk about this little weather system that passed through. Unofficially since yesterday afternoon, we here in the Pedro received around 0.35″ inches of rain. That’s pretty remarkable since it never really poured or anything awful like that. It just sprinkled for several hours, let up, sprinkled some more for several hours etc.

As gloomy as it’s been, news leaked this morning that after a couple of years of having to watch the World Series on mute I will be able to watch it with sound next season. Harold Reynolds has been defenestrated!!!! Well, he has been sacked I guess would be the proper way to put it. Unfortunately Tom Verducci is out of the booth also, but maybe they’ll put him on the field which would be great. John Smoltz will now join Joe Buck in the booth which will be a welcome relief to my ear drums.

Lord knows if this is real or not, but supposedly this is from a Guy Fieri rap album or something awful like that:

First We Feast leaked this, and I sure as hell hope this is real. It’s amazing to see how stuck in 1997 Mr. Fieri is. All he needs is to shave his head, dye it cheetah print and wear a wallet chain that drops down to just above his ankle.