Football, Fashion and Rain

Tut Tut

It might have appeared that I watched both Monday Night Football games last night, but I didn’t. Not one bit. I didn’t actually witness the mismatched 49ers uniforms or Trent Dilfer yelling at me all night or anything this Australian guy was writing about in his liveblog of the game.

Instead I watched this documentary on the Paris v. America fashion battle at the Palace of Versailles in 1973 which is far more interesting than a bunch of wannabe obese heterosexual men in tight clothing running around for 10 seconds then falling down.

I knew it was supposed to rain overnight. When I first saw the alerts late last week, the National Weather Service said to expect about an inch of rain. Then the estimates went down. Down. So I wasn’t expecting much more than a few sprinkles.

When I woke up this morning, I saw that we got over a 1/2 inch of rain here in the Pedro, and close to two inches in Downtown LA. That certainly was surprising.

However in its wake, we are not left with a nice crisp day. Nope, this was a tropical system meaning now it’s hot and muggy, much more like Louisiana than Southern California. Hopefully local water districts have plans for retaining all of this water. I doubt it though. So, really, this doesn’t do much for the drought especially since there was no snow.