It’s the End of the Gay Community As We Know It

Burning Rainbow Flag

Today, the death knell of the gay community has started to toll. The Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage today, and millions of my queer brothers, sisters and everything in between are celebrating. I’m not exactly jumping up and down with them.

Same-sex marriage has nothing to do with equality. It’s about enforcing the white male morality within the queer community and sanitizing everything with their antiseptic imitation of heterosexual respectability.

The Human Rights Campaign has been fighting for gay marriage for the better part of the last decade. In an internal report leaked to Buzzfeed earlier this month, the HRC has been compared to a “White Man’s Club”. An organization that is rife with sexism, a glaring lack of diversity and repeated belittling of transgendered staff is supposed to be leading the fight for this so-called equality?

As Yasmin Nair explains, same-sex marriage is a conservative cause. Marriage should not guarantee rights, yet rather than fight for that issue groups like the HRC were complacent enough to join the hetero privilege party rather than fight for real equality.

These people are not interested in equal access to health care. They aren’t interested in dealing with homeless queer youth. They aren’t interested in real immigration reform. They don’t believe racism exists since they don’t realize that they are racists themselves. The list goes on. All they care about is extending the white heterosexual patriarchy into the queer world.

And that is the danger of saying that same-sex marriage is only the first step in gaining equality. For a good many people the fight is over. Fuck the trannies. Fuck the poor black folk who can’t afford healthcare. If you can’t help our bottom lines then just stay the hell out. That’s the way the world works, right?

So as people crowd the streets of gay ghettos all across the country, just know that we are witnessing the end of gay culture as we knew it. The vibrant tapestry of black and white and boy and girl and poor and rich and everything will now be replaced by the same ugly condo, same ugly dogs, same ugly lawns, same ugly clothes.

Sure, now us gay people can make the same mistakes as the heteros. Hooray equality! And now we can die like the rest of the straight world.