Koreans Drive Like Dipshits

Bless their hearts. Koreans try their best to drive like normal people, but something in their DNA makes this impossible. The kids think they’re speed racers with their stupid fucking mod-ed rice rockets, and their parents don’t pay attention to anything around them when they drive.

Twice a week I take my grandmother to the acupuncturist in a Korean plaza in Gardena, and I know that I’m taking my life in my hands each time I enter this plaza. From drivers going the wrong way of traffic and ignoring signs written in both English and Korean, it’s a wonder I haven’t died at the hands of Kim Jong-somethingorother by now.

So you see the photo above? Let’s see it annotated below:

Retard Parking

Sure, the building is not the best designed building. In fact, I’m convinced both the architect and the owner both require soft helmets while riding a short bus. But this asshole White Lexus thought it was okay to drive over a CLEARLY MARKED WALKWAY for a handicap parking space and park in the unmarked no-man’s land. Just like that.

This is probably not the most outrageous thing I have seen in this plaza, but this is the first one I documented. I’ll do more to show people why the Koreans, like the Armenians, should all have their drivers licenses revoked.

Upon leaving, there was a lady in a Honda Accord attempting to park in a marked parking space. Hey, she’s got one leg up on the competition there. However in attempting this move, she parked right next to a Jeep Cherokee that was parked correctly in the marked space. RIGHT next to it, as in she scraped up the Jeep.

I love my peoples.