1Q84 – Problems

Sunset before some upcoming storms.

I am in Book 3 of the novel, and it has gotten less enjoyable.

The exact moment this story lost me was in Book 2 as Aomame (and hence the rest of us) are told essentially how every thread of this story ties together by an omniscient one. Everything up to that point had been very enjoyable. Now? I feel a bit cheated. Hence, the progress I’m making has been slowed down a bit.

I’m hoping there’s a curve in the plot, something that will shock the hell out of me. But in this beginning stages of Book 3, everything seems to be in a holding pattern.

I would say that it’s like Twin Peaks, where we learn who Laura’s killer is by the seventh episode of the second season. I thoroughly enjoyed the show afterwards when it explored more of the dark side of Twin Peaks and Agt. Dale Cooper. But because in this book I’m reading a translation, I don’t know how much of Murakami’s nuance is coming through.

Anyhow, that was my quick gripe about this novel.