Stupid Family Bullshit (aka Everyone Hates My Mom)


I have two aunts, and they are both warring with my mother. All three are essentially the same person: they are self-serving, they lie and they love to argue. Old Aunt is, obviously from the moniker I gave her, is the eldest. My mom is two years younger. Dallas Aunt who, obviously lives in Dallas, is ten years younger than my mom.

Case in point: I had to take my grandmother to her knee doctor on Monday. Dallas Aunt calls me Sunday night to tell me to my medical masks for my grandmother because she has the cold. I told her pointedly that I thought it was a pointless exercise, that most of those so-called medical masks were ineffective and that it would dehumanize my grandmother. She instantly pounced calling me lazy, that both her and my grandmother thought it was a concern. I relented and said that if both of them thought it was important, I would do so.

She spent the next 10 minutes grilling me why I didn’t think it was important. I repeatedly told her that what I thought was irrelevant, that I agreed to do this, that she had won. But it wasn’t enough for her. She had to convert me to her way of thinking.

Then, she had the audacity to accuse me of being argumentative. Sure, I disagreed with her. But I RELENTED. I thought that was the end of it, but apparently I was wrong.

I knew I wasn’t going to go anywhere with this bitch, so I just kept laughing figuring that it would diffuse things. It did.

Before I take my grandmother to the doctor, I start driving to CVS. My grandmother told me not to bother, that she thought it was stupid. See what Dallas Aunt did just there? She lied to get her way. So I told my grandmother that I agreed with her and just drove to the doctor.

Anyhow, the two aunts have been in a war with my mother for over a year now. They think she’s a slut, a whore and selfish. Well selfish I get, but it’s not like they have any ground to stand on there. I am resentful towards my mom for a lot of things, and if it gets to be too much I’ll have my own fight with her. But right now, I can’t have those fights.

As for being a slut, I don’t think my mom is promiscuous by any stretch of the imagination. Besides that’s such a sex negative way of looking at things. If anything, I’m sex positive (even though I don’t get nearly enough.) As for being a whore, I don’t remember my mom getting paid for specific sex acts.

Last night Old Aunt stopped by for a visit. I was a bit nervous because it was just about time when my mom normally comes home. After she left, they did cross paths. They started yelling at each other, and I went out to tell them to quit it. That’s when Old Aunt knocked the coffee mug away from my mom’s hands, and it was going to get physical. I yelled at my mom to get into the apartment and yelled at my aunt to go home, that the fight was over and to just shut the fuck up.

I now realize that even though both of them are well into their 60s, they were acting like a bunch of teenage girls. I see my grandmother, start laughing and tell her three daughters are going to kill me prematurely. She laughed. I really fucking hate my family sometimes.