Car Woes, United Suck, Termites

I can see you Malibu!

Yesterday the starter in my car died. One minute I’m putt-putting around town. The next minute I’m trying to start my car in a parking lot and nothing. Initially I think my battery mysteriously died, so I asked for a jump. I turned the key, still nothing. Fuck.

I called my cousin for his AAA card services, and an hour later the car was towed to my auto mechanic who agreed with me that my starter was dead. I might be good with fixing cars and stuff, but I can sure diagnose the sons of bitches. It turned out my battery needed to be replace which sounded right since it was quite a few years old. A lot poorer, here I am.

I have this fantasy, even back to when I was driving my Honda, that when a car of mine dies, I drive it off the cliffs here in Pedro for a proper sendoff. I didn’t do it with my Honda, but I was very tempted to do it yesterday to this shitty Camry.

While waiting for the tow, my cousin and I talked about his Manchester United, how they suck, and how they spend the pretty pretty money for attackers and forwards but neglected their backline. I mean, one look at their 5-3 loss at Leicester City was evident. With my increased interest in the Premier League, I’m quite happy to see that ability to talk about it is getting better.

Here’s an interesting bit on the African termite and how its guts are on the outside(?)