The Hangover from Socializing

Bathroom graffiti.

The last thing I told Brendan yesterday was, “This is the most socialization I’ve done in a long time. I’m going to be sore tomorrow.” I am.

Of course, yesterday, Brendan and I recorded the latest podcast. I was already feeling a like my nodes or whatever were a bit achy in my throat as if the first signs of a sickness were about to rear its ugly head.

When I got to his apartment, he mentioned that Yuko wanted to meet up with us for some beers and what not, so why not? It’s been years since I’ve seen Yuko, and I forget how dirty she is. It’s funny because we met when I needed to hire a part time helper for the post-production company I worked for in Burbank. I put an post out on, and she was one of several who replied. I hired her, and history. Who knew that she was a part of an extended set of friends from UCSB?

Anyhow yesterday Brendan, Yuko and I had beers, played shuffleboard and shot the shit about her vacation in France, her lost luggage and how she learned how to live life as a gay man. Of course if I had recorded all of this, it probably would have been more entertaining than the podcast. But whatever.

I’ve been going so retro lately. I’m taking it even further. I want to redesign all of this from scratch. Not tinker around with already-made WordPress themes. From each { to div command to php markup, mine mine MINE!