passed out girl

Another view of where I fell.

some people think hiking in palos verdes is a breeze. and for the most part it’s true. but there are places where it can get to be a bit strenuous, especially in the middle of the summer.

while going up the ishibashi trail at the portuguese bend preserve, this girl in her early 20s and in shape had to stop. her friends, a boy and girl also in their 20s, looked like they didn’t know what to do. the boy had his shirt off, so i told him to drape her head with the shirt to give her some sort of shade. they had water, so i didn’t need to donate that. they found some candy so she could get some sugar in her system.

they also had a phone so if things got really dire they could call for help. so i moved along. apparently they were a part of a bigger group who decided to do some outdoor exploring.

and it made me feel a little better than my fat ass was in decent enough shape to do this hike.