i hate children

Stairway to Hell

children are stupid and usually good for nothing. today on my jaunt through the ocean trails, one of my favorite places in san pedro, i have to cross through trump national. i’m listening to the latest episode of “cyberage radio” and sort of lost in a bigod 20 remix of birmingham 6’s “police state”.

two golf carts loaded with kids drove past me. i heard the chorus, “excuse me old man,” from these stupid slobbering miniaturized humans. i look around and realize i’m the only motherfucker walking around. these stupid shits just called me an old man. i hope they all get cold sores.

for the first time since i sprained my ankle, i was able to jog a bit which made me happy and incredibly sweaty. of course it is this ocean trails which have what i’ll call the sagebrush stairs since it doesn’t have an official name. i guess the “sagebrush walk trail” is the official name, but it doesn’t cut it for me. the thing to be wary about with the stairs is the cacti growing along the side of the stairs. it’s not too prolific, it’s just long enough to the heart beating.

Sagebrush Stairs