‘go on and be eccentric’

Watts Towers

met a new friend todd yesterday at watts towers. in that i mean that we had been corresponding online and decided to meet up at watts towers. i didn’t just troll the towers and say, “hey, you’re my new friend,” or anything like that. that would presume i’m an outgoing person which i definitely am not.

the towers are actually very underwhelming at first. they’re not as big as i expected. they’re not as tall as i expected. but once you get closer and looking into the details, they’re actually pretty fascinating.

Watts Towers Up Close

we then headed off to hawkins house of burgers because, of course you have to, and i’m still feeling the acid trying to escape from my esophagus and trying to burn a hole through walls and such.

as we were eating, a man on a bicycle walks by and greets us. he looks at me and tells me to go on and be eccentric and don’t let anybody tell me otherwise. obviously i’m summarizing for the sake of brevity. is it that obvious that i’m a fucking weirdo to a black man as i was sitting eating a bacon cheeseburger, chili fries and a diet coke across the street from the nickerson gardens project?

among the topics todd and i broached was laziness for sex. kissing, groping and oral is fine, but lately i’ve been too lazy to douche for anal. it’s such a production, so when i’m on a hookup site and people message me i almost always try and schedule for later since i can’t muster the desire to douche. but i guess i’m missing the point of these sites and apps so whatever.

then we started reminiscing about the days before the internet and such when you would have to have public sex and that threat of being hacked up was always there like a comfort blanket of sorts. do the kids still have public sex or is it all negotiated on apps now?

i think we’re going to go to the museum of death next.