he just entered me in one fell swoop

Big and Russian
stolen from JJSmithMG’s tumblr

i had a dream that a big burly guy was crazy enough to be my boyfriend. we got into an argument, and he kept screaming at me in his deep baritone voice. what exactly was said and what exactly we were arguing about i don’t know.

he threw me on our bed, ripped my pants off and without and lube or rimming or anything just entered me in one fell swoop. there was a sinister grin on his face, a smug satisfaction on giving me what i deserved. but hidden from view was my inner grin, that for the first time he fucked me the way i wanted to be fucked. because what’s the point in having a boyfriend with tons of muscles if he’s going to a mere shrinking violet in bed?

i woke up and realized i had only masturbated twice since i twisted my ankle a couple of weeks ago, which really explains the dream. so i watched some marc dylan porn and jerked a load out. calling it a catharsis is a great understatement.

i’m contemplating importing all of the entries from livejournal that date back from 2001 here just for the sake of posterity and completion. well not really completion since there are entries on websites i made way in the past dating back to 1998 that are lost into the ether. i’ve gone through most of the lj entries a year or so back, and they are embarrassing. but i’m sure i’m going to regret posting this entry in about 15 minutes, so what’s the difference, right?

i’m really grooving on aesthetic perfection’s new album “’til death”.