It was just after we had heaved the cardboard box containing Angel’s remains…

Vista Point at Forrestal Preserve

We did it relatively quickly, cutting at the joints. There was really no blood left because it had dried. Freez sprayed Calvin Klein’s Eternity all over the bathroom to disguise the smell, which was ironic.

That night, we put the legs in a duffel bag and threw it into the river by the Intrepid around 4 a.m.

Then we put the torso and head in a TV box and took it down to the Hudson at 26th Street.

We were crazy paranoid the whole time. I kept imagining the police were coming, scrambling helicopters and hunting us down with giant searchlights.

To be honest, though, I was less terrified about being caught than going to hell.

–Michael Alig, “Club Kid killer relives bloody crime”, NY Post, 5/12/14