There Is No Time

There Is No Time

It’s no secret that I’ve been on an industrial music kick recently. One look at my Last.Fm profile is the most damning evidence of this.

One of the relics from my industrial past was There Is No Time, a four-disc compilation from RAS DVA records when I was first starting to get into the music. Pre-internet this was perhaps the only way to sample music from unheard bands since the radio wasn’t playing it and if you were too young to get into clubs. So when I saw this at Vinyl Fetish on Melrose, I snatched it.

A lot of bands on this comp have long come and gone, but there were mainstays like Leaetherstrip, :wumpscut:, X Marks the Pedwalk, Suicide Commando and Haujobb. So I polished this sucker off and listened to the whole thing yesterday, and amazingly enough it holds up pretty well nearly 20 years later.

In a show of coincidence, Metropolis Records posted on Facebook about this comp this morning. They noted that RAS DVA’s founder Ric Laciak is not doing well. Since I have been way out of the loop for quite some time, I was shocked to find out he has been suffering from four inoperable brain tumors that caused him to lose an eye and leaves him in incredible pain.

I hope Ric gets better. For someone who has given a lot of joy to be dealt with this hand, it really saddens me. It’s further proof that the concept of fairness does not exist outside our imaginations.