B&J Podcast Ep. 6 – That’s So Syphilis

Jimmy and Brendan

I don’t know what to say. I know this podcast is not meant for children, but we may have just crossed the line on this one. We don’t mean any harm — after all, sometimes you have to laugh through some ugly shit. But some people might misconstrue why we are laughing hysterically at certain things. Like when I say that someone looks like an AIDS patient pre-Kaposi’s sarcoma sores.

I guess if there’s anything to blame, here it is:

Salty Dog

A variation of the salty dog that Brendan made: a traditional gin and grapefruit juice in a salt-rimmed glass. But Brendan added rosemary and a habanero syrup that gave it a little kick.

In this episode I yell at Brendan for being an asshole, learning Brendan’s mom listens to us, EDM as the new Jock Jamz, a guide for kids taking drugs, some really offensive stuff, Donald Sterling and racism, I bemoan the fact I never had my shit together so as to become a teenage hooker at exclusive Hollywood producers’ parties, Courtney Love, Kim Deal, horse racing, pari-mutuel gambling, Rob Ford sex tape?, frothing of the muzzle and a whole bunch of other drunken nonsense.

The music featured are Air Supply’s “All Out of Love” with a cameo from Snoop Dog, Aphex Twin’s “Windowlicker”, Hole’s “Teenage Whore” and Pleasure Forever’s “Goodnight”.

Again, if you’re sensitive about shit, don’t even bother.