The La Habra Shakes

La Habra Shake Map

It’s a bit funny to see people’s reaction to last night’s La Habra Shake (thanks Militant Angeleno!). I felt the 5.1 quake here at The Manse, a slight rolling sensation. Once I realized it wasn’t going to get any stronger, I went to confirm to my grandmother that it was indeed an earthquake and not just her first step into dementia.

On the news it’s been noted that we’ve had a 20-year lull since the Northridge quake, so it’s interesting to see people’s reaction. I heard people saying they ran outside which, while understandable, is probably the most retarded thing to do. Sure you probably won’t be trapped in a building should one collapse, but you could be hit with pieces of building, trees, power lines, busted water main, busted gas lines. In fact the chances of bad shit happening outdoors is greater than just staying tight inside in most cases.

I’m fine with these smaller quakes. As I pointed out yesterday, I’d rather deal with these sorts of quakes rather than the bigger stuff like the 6.7 Northridge quake, the 7.3 Landers quake in 1992 which was quickly followed by the 6.5 Big Bear quake that same day. I’d rather have five smaller farts rather than one huge gargantuan one.

So maybe this means people will flee from where they came from. Please? LA is dangerous! OOGA BOOGA!!