‘Spring Breakers’ Is the Best Film This Decade

Spring Breakers

So far, at least.

Female empowerment, a cautionary tale about the hubris of greed, a tawdry display of tits in all shapes and sizes, a fun frolic of spring break gone wrong.

Harmony Korine said in the press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival that he started the film with the idea of the girls on spring break robbing people and went from there. He also said that he tried to present the film as a painting without trying to shove a moral down our throats.

Natural Born Killers was made with hip-hop in mind — the movie itself was sampled and repeated over the soundtrack. Spring Breakers advances this idea almost 20 years later. This time it’s the hypnotic sounds of electronic music that underscores the lethargic drawl of the cast. “Spring break baby. Spring break forever.” It can get to be droll, but that’s the point.

What’s surprising is that there is hardly anything sexy about the film despite the breasts, breasts and more breasts. But then again I’m gay. Seeing bouncing boobs just gets me a bit dizzy, nothing more. Although I did find the scene where Alien (James Franco) fellating two guns as the most erotic moment of the film. It is also the tipping point of the movie where the girls take complete control.

Thanks to Amazon Prime, I’ve seen this movie three times in the last month. It’s always left me smiling. I mean, who can hate a movie that has Vanessa Hudgens proclaim, “Seeing all this money makes my pussy wet.”