A Look Back at ‘Anchorman’


A month ago I wrote that I don’t like Will Ferrell. With Anchorman 2 in theaters yesterday, I thought I be a little more fair to the Anchorman franchise and Will Ferrell. So for the sake of fairness I decided to watch the first Anchorman movie.

Boy, that was a mistake.

It had an identity problem. It’s a comedy that had flat jokes, a misogynist’s wet-dream, a moral tale of the evils of misogyny, a parody of news anchors and the 70s and an excuse to have a bunch of cameos. Perhaps a plot could have helped anchor the movie a little and helped the jokes and gags have some sort of impact.

But the thing I hated the most about the movie was how obvious the humor was supposed to be. I hate movies that insult people’s intelligence. It’s lazy and overbearing like a bunch of frat guys drank a bunch of beer and wrote the script.

I really fucking hated this movie. Really. So I’ll just skip the sequel, and this will be my last mention of it.