Nothing Is Permanent


I watched the documentary Helvetica last night, and they spent some time talking about “grunge typography”. Of course Ray Gun Magazine was brought up.

Ray GunThe work of David Carson on the art of the magazine always felt familiar to me. You can see a good representation of the work on Google Images.

I suppose the movement played itself out, but I have to agree with the sentiment: Helvetica is boring. Any Joe Blow could type a company name in Helvetica Bold on a bold color, and boom! Instant graphic designer!

Then it gets me thinking. This website’s font is mainly Helvetica and its Windows bastard offspring Arial. I’ve actually done the bare minimum of design with this site. WordPress and its themes have made the painstaking task of designing websites obsolete.

Having constructed the tables for my college football rankings from scratch, it brought me back to when I was doing all of this by hand. Basically all of this to say that I might just redo this joint.

Sorry for all of this wallowing in sentimentality.