Fuck Fantasy, Let’s Live!

PickemMy fantasy football team, the Titsburgh Feelers, is just about as good as the actual 0-3 Pittsburgh Steelers are. They’re awful, and lord knows if they actually win a matchup this season.

So much for my triumphant return to fantasy football after a three-year hiatus.

I am participating in a weekly Pick ‘Em league that uses confidence points. And it is here where I will pat my own back, kiss my own ass, or whatever. Yes. I am winning. First place. Sure it’s only a six-point margin, but I’ll take anything I can get. Besides, we all know that picking games is nothing more than a lottery toss up.

Did I really know that Kansas City was going to beat Philly? (I changed my mind three minutes before kickoff.)

But as far as real victories go, for me those are very few and very far between. So I will take my victory lap.

In the last week I posted two fake stories. To be honest those were a couple of scraps that have been lying around for years. I’m writing some new ones and realizing that most of the filth that spilling forth is an exercise in nostalgia.

I might throw up.

Does anyone have any personal blogs that they read regularly and that update somewhat regularly? I’ve been spending time on people’s blogrolls on a hunt for interesting reads.

One word of advice. I know I use a black background here, but most of the text is gray so as to not burn images on the retina. Please don’t use white text on black backgrounds. It hurts.