The Only NFL Note Needed

Jacksonville Jaguars Helmet

I wonder how these things get approved, but it seems clear that no gay man was in the line of approvals for this monstrosity of a helmet.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are awful. They are a shitty team in a shitty city in a shitty stadium with shitty fans. Now they have an equally shitty helmet to show the world just how shitty they are. Doesn’t it look like it was dropped in a vat of paint before they put the Jaguar decal on the side?

I harp on this over and over again, but sports teams should really hire gay men to have a say in matters like these. No fag in his right mind would allow anyone to wear a helmet like this or stupid camouflage jerseys (I’m looking at you San Diego Padres.)

Silly breeders.