This Is Lomita


Yup. This is about how Lomita looks. Using filters I made it look halfway palatable. But this is about it, a land of strip malls, NRA chapters, hick white trash folk, gay Mexicans and Salvadoreans who try their best to stay in the closet, hookers, cheap motels, cult subdivisions and really shitty drivers.

I talked to NY last week. She accused me of being a complete hermit and a depressed mess. She was right, but in an attempt to disprove her there I was at Burger City Grill. It’s amazing that in such a city they have a place that can make a good burger. Shitty fries but really good burgers.

I’m sure the appearance did nothing to reassure NY of my mental stability. We’ve known each other upwards of two decades, so we both know better. But we did make plans for tennis on Sunday. So perhaps it’s progress.

Driving around in this postcard snapshot of suburban hell makes me fully understand why meth and oxy and heroin are such problems. If I had purchased my part of the American Dream (c) I too would want to numb my pain or go into such a manic state I forget exactly where I am.

Fortunately I’m too broke for all of that shit. I just huddle in a corner weeping, using my tears as lube to masturbate. Not really.

I was really considering italicizing this entire post. Ha!