It’s the Red Sox!

Media Scum

You combine that with Vin Scully’s press conference, to which I was curiously not invited to, it’s a bit of a clusterfuck in the Dodger press box. I don’t mind the clusterfuck too much, really. I’ve gotten a bit used to it. All that I care about is that I have a seat.

Maybe it’s because the Boston media is in town, and I am in such close proximity to them, but I’ve been angry all afternoon long. Actually I know the reason, but I won’t be expand on that now. Just know that my blood is boiling and whatever.

The brave Pedro Moura is back after his girlfriend tried to kill him. They’re still together. It’s sweet ain’t it?

The question now is what is the over/under on fights in the stands. Because we all know what amiable folk Bostonians are, right? Especially those pizza-tossing Red Sox fans.