Why I Despise Politics and Politicians

Elisa Chan
Elisa Chan/Facebook

This cunt is a San Antonio City Councilwoman who thinks I’m disgusting because I am gay. She doesn’t think I should be able to adopt because I like things going up my butt. Don’t worry bitch. I don’t want kids anyway, but still.

Ted Cruz
Texas Republican Senate candidate Ted Cruz speaks to the media, Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2012, in Houston a day after defeating Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst in a runoff. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)

This dickhead is the junior US Senator from Texas. It turns out he has dual citizenship in Canada. So while he wants to build fences around the US/Mexico border, while he wants to legislate me out of existence for again liking things up my butt, it turns out I’m more American than him.

These dickheads, rapists, cunts, bitches and all the like are okay in and of themselves. Not everyone in the world is going to agree with me and be genuinely nice. Not everyone is going to use some common logic or have empathy towards their fellow man and woman.

But the fact that people like this decide what laws will become codified sickens me. The fact that there are people who like the fact that these sorts of people are elected sickens me.

This is why I’m so disillusioned.

Recently when the Rays played the Dodgers they promoted relief pitcher Josh Lueke to the squad. Lueke back in 2008 raped a girl. He denied it, but when Kern County sheriffs said that DNA tests proved his spermy wormies in on her jeans, tank top and anal canal, he pleaded to a lesser charge “false imprisonment with violence” and was given 42 days in jail, time already served.

I tweeted about this, and each time he made an appearance in the game I called him “The Rapist”. Being disillusioned I expected many responses to be “well he already paid for his crimes,” or even worse “she was asking for it.”

Instead many of the retweets came from men showing their disgust of Lueke. I was afraid I was being a little over the top. Thankfully I wasn’t.

One thing did bother me a little. Many other media folks came up to me to ask me more about the story. They seemed just as appalled as I was over it. I don’t know whether it was their outlet’s social media rules or what not, but they didn’t mention it at all.

So there you see why I remain a jaded son of a bitch.