Fuck the NSA

Big Brother
From the 1984 comic.

Doing the stupid NSA watch posts made me realize what a fucking dull life I lead. In fact it’s dull the point of depression and suicide, so I will halt it.

While Americans might forgive a bit of the Big Brother act in the name of terrorism, I don’t. I also don’t expect to be safe out there in world 24/7. Shit will happen, I might get killed, something I write might get me in deep shit.

What I haven’t really been paying attention to is the politics of how this is playing out. I don’t know if democrats are supporting the Prez even though they really railed against W when he did this. Not to mention this is more invasive than W’s plan.

It just goes without saying that I hate politics and think everyone in it should never be allowed to leave DC. If they want to snoop on each other, fine. Just leave me the fuck out of it.

Now I’m going to go back to my Melrose Place marathon.