NSA Watch 6/11/13

Oh Pear!

  • 10:00 – Wake up. Brush teeth. Evacuate bowels.
  • 10:15 – Brew coffee. Pour a cup. Check email. Read Feedly feed. (Pictures of fog at Wrigley and Comiskey; KCRW’s evacuation during SMC shooting on Friday; details of gunman’s history).
  • 10:45 – Take grandmother to her standing biweekly acupuncture appointment.
  • 11:45 – On the off ramp from the freeway heading back home, I’m the third car in line in the right turn lane. The light is red. The lead car is not making a turn despite no traffic and is not on the sensor. So not only are we not moving, the light is not changing.

    I honk. Nothing happens. I roll down my window, stick my head out, and yell, “You fucking cunt. Can’t you make a fucking turn?” Nothing happens.

    A pickup truck mercifully goes into the left turn lane and does fall on the sensor. 30 seconds later the light turns green. I roll my passenger-side window down and hurl more expletives at the braindead dingbat driver.

  • 12:00 – Get home. Make lunch.
  • 12:30 – Take shower.
  • 1:00 – Go to pick up my grandmother from her standing biweekly acupuncture appointment.
  • 2:15 – Pack up and leave for Dodger Stadium.
  • 3:00 – Arrive at Dodger Stadium. Set up. Listen to some Fleetwood Mac. Go downstairs to find roster changes again.
  • 4:00 – Donnie says communication w/ front office is still great. See Jonathan Davis at the park and gab a little.
  • 5:00 – Go upstairs and start writing my story with Donnie’s quotes at the top.
  • 6:00 – Have dinner.
  • 7:00 – First pitch. Start writing about how awful home plate umpire Clint Fagan was. Then the brawl happened. New story.
  • 12:30 – Leave the Ravine.