Fuck Orange County AND Fuck the Police

Anaheim Protests
AP Photo/Mindy Schauer

So in Orange County, it looks like the police are allowed to shoot non white people in the back. In one of two shootings in Anaheim last summer that sparked protests and outrage from the community, the officer who shot the 25-year old Manuel Diaz in the back as he was fleeing will not have charges filed against him. The OC District Attorney said Nick Bennallack was justified in shooting Diaz in the back.

Bennallack said that he saw Diaz reaching for a gun. No gun was ever found.

It makes me wonder, during a protest a month before the second invasion of Iraq in 2003 I did turn my back and walk away from the police. I was leaving the rally at Sunset/La Brea and making the one-mile trek back to my car. I inadvertently walked into a side-protest by an anarchist collective. I wanted no part of it since it was 4 p.m. and I hadn’t eaten at all, so I just walked away.

It was at that point I heard an officer yell, “Hey you in the red shirt! Get back here.” I was really hungry, mind you, so I kept walking away. No one came after me, I haven’t been detained or anything. But now I wonder if I were in OC if that cop would have shot me in the back. Okay, it’s a stretch.

But anyhow. Fuck Orange County and fuck the police.