The Search for Chris Dorner is REALLY Over

Cabin on Fire
ABC News

Here are some final thoughts about this saga.

1. There is some stupid shit being said out there. “Where’s due process? He was never found guilty.” He shot at cops. He shot at cops using a silencer. What did you really think was going to happen?

Try this. You go out there and start shooting at cops. What do you expect the result to be? If it’s anything other than you on the ground resembling a slice of bloody Swiss cheese, get your fucking head checked.

2. Why is there so many questions about who started the fire? KCAL9/CBS2 reporter Carter Evans who notably was caught in the final gun battle was right there on the scene. He described the officers throwing canisters of what he believed to be tear gas, then the flames immediately started.

I was following events on different channels while scouring Twitter and trying feebly to listen to any police scanners in the area, so maybe the events didn’t come as a shock to me. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department had talked about wanting to burn him out. So they did it.

In my mind it was an intentional blaze set by the sheriff’s department. So what’s unclear about that?

All I know is that it looked an awful like Waco there. Just without the women and children and God and Janet Reno.

3. What the hell happened in this last week? After burning his truck last Thursday, Dorner hid out in a cabin by a golf course. That cabin happened to be about 100 yards away from where the sheriff’s department set up a command post and where they held press conferences.

The story goes that after last weekend a mom and daughter team entered that cabin to do their housekeeping. Dorner tied them up and kept them hostage. For some reason he decided that yesterday was the day to make a run for it stealing their purple Nissan. As he was driving the mountain, he lost control of the vehicle.

Dorner then jacked a white pick up truck. Soon a Department of Fish and Wildlife ranger drove past him, recognized him and got into the first shootout. It was a mini shootout, no one was injured and he fled. The sheriff’s department set up a road block on Highway 38 at Glass Road, about 20 miles away from where Dorner initially holed himself.

It sounds like a pursuit then happened. Dorner came upon the road block, and that’s when that final shootout occurred. Two sheriff’s deputies were shot, one died on the way to the hospital. He hid in that cabin, they burned it to the ground, his body was eventually recovered and his California drivers license was found.

How did the cops not know he was hiding out 100 yards away? It was either a great job by Dorner or a incompetent job by the sheriff’s department. I don’t quite know which one it is yet.

4. What’s the LAPD going to do? So Dorner is dead. The poor cops can now breathe a sigh of relief. But that doesn’t mean the issues Dorner raised which came to life as both the LAPD and the Torrance PD reverted to their shoot-first primal instincts have gone away. It’s still there front and center.

What’s probably more difficult for the LAPD this time around is their indiscriminate shooting has caused mistrust across a broader spectrum of people. It’s not only the black community, the Latin community. This antipathy transcends race and gender.

Mr. Delicious Tacos put it best in his post “The Girls Cried When They Shot Dillinger”,

Cops: learn this lesson. The way you felt about Chris Dorner is the way we feel about you. A heavily armed human nightmare who could pop out of nowhere at any time with a gun in your face and fuck you on some technicality. Sure, Teresa Evans kicked some crazy guy in the head while he was cuffed. So fucking what. It’s against the Code of Conduct, but everything you do every day is technically against the Code of Conduct. Yeah, my brake light is out. So it’s against the law, what isn’t. Yeah, I have a gram of coke on me, so fucking what. It makes me feel happy for once. But suddenly someone can come grab you by the scruff of the neck over some shit we all do and stomp your face into the sidewalk and take away your money and your dreams and your freedom and maybe your life. Quis custodiet ipses custodies.

That just about sums it up, right?