The Search for Chris Dorner Is Over

Chris Dorner

I was wrong. Dorner apparently was still up in the Big Bear area. No one knows where he was since last Thursday.

But one thing is clear. He jacked someone’s car and tried to get the hell out of the mountains. The po’ blocked the road. A gun fight ensued that caught a reporter in the middle. Two San Bernardino sheriffs deputies were shot, one dying on the way to the hospital. Dorner ran into a cabin to hide out. A standoff ensued.

After the po’ realized he wasn’t holding anyone hostage, they tossed in tear gas or incendiary grenades into the cabin which set the cabin on fire. There are reports that a single shot was fired. At around 6:40 CBS News John Miller reported his sources said that Dorner’s dead body was dragged out of the burnt cabin.

And there it is. Laissez les bon temp rouler indeed.