Bears, Gyms, Artists


I have now finished the first volume of Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time (À la recherche du temps perdu) “Swann’s Way”. One volume down, six to go. Or 400 pages down 3,000 more to go.

So I’ve been going to the gym almost every day this past month. My muscles have been aching just a bit more. My hormones are completely out of control. It looks like I have acne yet again. There are some highlights though. I see a hot guy every now and again. Not regulars, mind you, but nice looking guys. Of course I get the shrill women also. But seeing the nice looking guys make up for it.

But I’m wondering several things. How the fuck do people have conversations on the phone at the gym? Long conversations. Long loud conversations. Just because most of us use headphones doesn’t mean that we can’t hear shrill voice. Granted I can’t hear the details of the conversation, but the voice itself is distracting enough to make it annoying.

Also, how to people gossip on the treadmill? I’m usually running myself into a breathless sweaty mess, and talking is usually out of reach of my capabilities. If they can gossip, what’s the fucking point? Just gossip over some sugary coffee drink over some pastries and just get fat and die of diabetes. Fucking cows.

Finally, why would someone use their Beats by Dre headphones at the gym? I use these cheap Sony earbuds that are fairly unobtrusive. But those huge headphones?

I watched The Artist last night. Yes I did tear up.