Everything Counts

Okay, I have a general distaste and distrust of children. But this was an adorable video, and even I couldn’t resist.

I’ve been trying to watch as many of the Oscar nominated and snubbed films. So here are some capsule reviews:

Beginners: This was a charming film with a tinge of melancholy flowing right beneath the surface. No, a 75 year old gay man that just comes out never gets a doctor from ER in real life, but it’s nice to think that it does. I can see why Christopher Plummer got an Oscar nod for his performance.

The Tree of Life: I’ve heard a lot about the controversy surrounding this film. I’ll just say this: I completely understand why director Terrance Malick is a hermit. I liked the middle third of the movie that was solely about the kid’s childhood. But the animation of the creation of the universe, the insipid voice overs, the pretentious imagery. It was too much.

I don’t understand how this film won the Palme d’or at Cannes. In a nutshell I fucking hated this film so much so that if I were to meet Sean Penn and Brad Pitt on the street, I will punch them both in the nuts until they fall out.

Melancholia: Loved loved loved this film. I loved that director Lars von Trier makes it known the world will be destroyed in the end. I loved Kirsten Dunst’s performance. Perhaps it’s because I’m a constant depressed mess, but I really identified with what she was going through. And it is true. It’s the depressed people of the world who can best handle crisis.