The Odyssey

London Preppy Bjork
Image stolen from London Preppy.

I went with Madd to see North Morgan (aka London Preppy) read from his book Exit Through the Wound last night at the Redcat Lounge. I was a huge fan of his blog and really loved his book.

See how nice that paragraph was? The problem was getting to the reading left me quaking like Odysseus. Knowing that a portion of the 60 freeway was still shut down after a huge tanker truck fire caused a bridge to be structurally compromised, I left my place in San Pedro at 4:45 to pick up Madd in Mid-City (Pico-La Cienega) by 6 to make to for the reading at 7. Most likely I would have gotten to Madd’s early, we would have gabbed, had some tea or some nonsense and shit.

But no. The heavens unleashed upon LA torrential thunderstorms and hail just then. The storm cells moved from North to South, so by the time I left the storm had finally reached me in Pedro. Which meant everywhere else in LA had got the rain and hail which meant everywhere else was gridlocked.

To make a long story short, I got to Madd’s at 6:30. We made the decision to take Pico Blvd. all the way to Downtown LA and got to the Redcat in 30 minutes. I figured we would get there late, miss most of the reading but get there just in time for the gabbing afterwards.

Fortunately good ole Northie was also caught in the horrors of LA traffic. He got there at 7:30 and we proceeded from there.

Anyhow, it was nice to meet him in person. After all I read the blog in one sitting last year. He talked about wanting to move to LA, life decisions and I just blabbed blabbed and blabbed some more. Incessantly. Madd bought his book and got it signed. We both decided him and his boyfriend are fucking disgusting together and plotted ways to bring about their demise.

But it was all right since we went to get ramen and Yogurtland in Little Tokyo afterwards. It also surprised me that it was Madd’s first time at Yogurtland ever. That was actually shocking.

Anyhow, now I feel fucking cultured so I can go back to my sports ghetto with my nose in the air. Oh, and I have to live at the gym now because I’m a fucking pig (that’s my other takeaway from last night).