Hell Is For Children

Hell After leaving the Kings-Canadiens game on Saturday, I came upon what apparently was KIIS-FM’s Jingle Ball Village – a free open air version of their Jingle Ball concert in LA Live. My grasp of pop music is tenuous at best if not non-existent.

Anyhow this fat Christian was holding this sign that made me laugh. I’m used to the “Repent, Jesus Died for Your Sins” signs that pepper the area, but this one was different. It was one step closer to Fred Phelps.

But it made me smile. It made me think about how many of those things I actually am.

I just took this snapshot, walked to my car and drove to Cathi’s house where hot chicken and rice soup was simmering. The spawn in her uterus is growing. I guess it will be my job to screw this kid up in the head.

Ugh. Can you picture me as Uncle Jimmy? Oof. I just caused myself to shudder.