Evicted LA

Occupy LA

It was a great news night on Tuesday. First there was a high speed chase in the San Gabriel Valley that ended with the suspect crashing into a parked car in East LA. He then exited his vehicle, ran through a tree-shrouded neighborhood and appeared to have escaped. The outcome wasn’t broadcast because then came word that the LAPD was going to forcibly remove the Occupy LA campers from the lawn surrounding City Hall.

I was thrilled with the promises of batons, pepper gun cannons and general mayhem dancing around my head. My mom was seriously disturbed by the glee I displayed with the promise of riots. Yes, I was treating this like a sporting event. In fact I saw myself as one of the spectators in Manassas, VA during the First Battle of Bull Run. The residents who sided with the Union came out with picnics to view what was supposed to be an easy Union victory. Instead there were huge casualties and the spectators had to flee for their lives.

My mom, knowing my commie socialist pinko political leanings, was very confused. I certainly agreed with what they were arguing for, so why did I want to see violence inflicted on them?

Because they’re nothing but useless hippies. Here we live in a world where the financial world is trying to return to the great old days of the early 2000’s with a healthy infusion of taxpayer money. And their best solution is to set up a hippie commune camp complete with bongs and a drum circle?

I’ll admit part of their strategy worked: they got media coverage. But when the media came to talk to them, not only were they hostile to the media (corporate media, blah blah blah) but they presented themselves as incoherent stoned hippies.

That’s the problem with the left. They live in a world of ideals and can’t sniff reality. So the media is co-opted by corporations. Deal with it or do something about it. But bitching about it isn’t going to get you brownie points with anyone.

In an effort to represent everyone, their message gets so diluted it’s ineffective.

So when I saw the Occupy LA campsite, I just saw a bunch of words, a waste of space. So when the cops came to bust it up, fine. Get rid of them and let them once again live in reality.

What was very disappointing though was the lack of violence. No busted skulls. No pepper sprays. No bean bag guns. Just arrests, a couple of knees in resister’s backs. It was a massive operation by the LAPD that was for the most part docile. I was very disappointed. Oh well.

The most entertaining part was Wifey and me texting back and forth wanting to Occupy the pants of KTLA reporter David Begnaud despite his very creepy mugshot.

BTW, that car chase suspect was eventually apprehended.