Save the Date: Second Coming of the Baby Jesus

Catherine sent me an IM last night saying, “Party for the rapture?”

Being the good goth boy, I automatically thought it was a Siouxsie-themed party. And of course that is always a yes. But wait a minute. Is it an anniversary of the album’s release? And I really didn’t like the album. If anyone knows me at all, they know my favorite Siouxsie album is Juju. So what gives?

I do a quick Google search and come to find out that some wahoo is predicting the world is coming to an end next Saturday. Well not the end end, but the start of the end of the world.

That means all the Christians will disappear in a blink of an eye leaving the heathens to scour the earth. Good riddance. That is something to celebrate.

And with celebrations comes outfits. What to wear?

Or how about this fetching jacket?

So many decisions, so little time!

Thinking through all of this I suddenly remember that Catherine is Catholic. But every Protestant knows that all Catholics go to hell, so no worries.

To celebrate my last free day for a week, I did cardio at the gym this morning. My body fucking hurts, and I can’t walk correctly. There was a cute guy in the treadmill in front of me, but he had chicken legs and awful tattoos on his forearms. On his left forearm was a bass clef. On this right forearm was some stupid insignia of some sort. Let’s just say that it turned my outtie into an innie.

Cigarette Count – Wed., May 11, 2011: 5