Then What Do You Like?

This dude on DList had this in his profile:

Likes: confidence, maturity, intellect, muscle, abs, sporty, adventurous.

I DO NOT LIKE- fat, ugly, butter faces, blacks & asians, old, hairy, obese, midgets, queens, fag hags, fruity, guys who wear underwear with designs or prints, guys who like to sniff underwear or jockstraps, creepy, skinny, pale, bald, blondes, squinty eyes, bad teeth, poor hygiene, long hair, jewelry, lots of piercings, cockrings, slings, leather, daddies, bears and so on….. this does NOT make me a racist nor hater…. i simply KNOW what i like, and what i cleary DONT like, so if you dont like it, then shut the fuck up and dont send me an email… cause i dont give a shit.

This makes me wonder what in fact he really likes. I’m confused.