Better late than never. According to Milemarker.Org:

Exciting News
Aug 31, 2005
“Ominosity” is the name of the 5th Milemarker full-length. It is done, recorded, sequenced, mastered, and off at the pressing plant. Now comes the anticipation: will they manage to screw it up somehow? Will the covers be printed wrong? Will the whole thing be saturated in extra flanger while we’re not in the room? It’s out of our hands at this point. For better or worse, look for it to be out October 25th on Eyeball records.

Playing on “Ominosity” are old stalwarts Dave Laney and Al Burian (yawn), and welcomed back is original keyboardist/drummer Ben Davis (formerly of Sleepytime Trio, also plays in Bats and Mice, plus check out his two solo records). Drummer Noah Leger has been playing with MM since 2001, so he is the old new drummer. Tony Lazzara is the new new drummer. Making all kinds of other extraneous noises are Tim Remis (Sweet Cobra, Challenger), Monika Bukowska, Tara Grayson, Greg Norman, Pete Wagner….

Record release show is at the Empty Bottle in Chicago, IL, on Oct 22. A tour of the US will follow, from Oct. 25-Dec. 8. Dates will be posted when they are confirmed.

Me excited!!!!!