I’m realizing I keep forgetting my age. I don’t know whether I’m 23 or 24. I just did the math and came to the conclusion that I’m 23.

Anyhow, there was a documentary on parking in the LA area on the PBS station last night. I must say that it was some funny stuff. Highlight: a lady finds a parking space by a fire hydrant. From her trunk, she has a plastic garbage can with the bottom cut out, places it around the hydrant and puts the lid on top. That had me rolling in laughter. The parking situation is completely absurd here, like you’re trapped in a Kafka novel. Make sure you have a lawyer with you when you park in LA to discern what the signs say. Every meter maid will say to read the sign. Ask her if she could understand those signs. Hah.

It’s Friday!!!! *does Friday dance*