I’m just going crazy. Or maybe I have always been like this. I dunno.

I got my tax refund check on Thursday. It’s a pretty nice sum this year so I have all of these images in my head of what to spend it on. It’s quite nice to be able to have a little somethin’ in the bank account. Some of the money is going to buy some acrylics and canva. I have this urge to start painting and let out some creative sludge. Who knows? Maybe I will be able to sell a couple of paintings. Now THAT would be a horrible joke.

I don’t know how this happens, but for the amount of time I was out of the house this weekend, most of it was spent in a fit of ennui. Hopefully this weekend will be better. I’m going to a Bratmobile release party in Hollywood where San Diego band The Locust will be playing. Those guys are fucking insane. After that, theres an art opening in Downtown LA that seems pretty interesting. Free booze, some schmoozing, the entire LA thing.

I should really get on top of my writing. It’s been seriously lacking for the last couple of months. Chop chop