Moments in the Realm of Music

  • The (International) Noise Conspiracy: They do quite a bit of subversive revolting with their new CD A New Morning, Changing Weather. Not only do they include a manifesto and lyrics, but they also include a reading list that expands the topics of each song. And their music is good!
  • Bjork: With that dress people are still talking about, she set about with her new album Vespertine. The definite highlight for me is “Pagan Poetry”. I still need to get my hands on that video that people are talking about so much.
  • Radiohead: As much as they are tiring me, I still find them fascinating as all hell. Yeah Amnesiac can be construed as Kid A Part II, but who gives a shit? Their music makes me smile. I don’t know if that’s too morbid.
  • X: God bless Rhino Records! They just reissued their Elektra albums and they are great!!!!!! This gets my vote for reissue of the year.
  • Boxed Sets: I just see more and more of them. The difference is now, I’m actually buying them. The Joy Division set heartandsoul is full of hard-to-find BBC recordings.