Feta cheese makes me hyper. That’s all I’m divulging for now.

Well perhaps that and the fact that my state of hyper-dom is over and I have crashed. I want to sleep now and look up into the sky and think, why am I here? Then I realize I have a couple more invoices to enter and then maybe I can go home. I’m just wondering if I finished all the reports that I have to do. I could be doing this for nothing.

What the fuck am I trying to say?

It’s amazing how one can pass the time. Dan and I were sitting at Java Jones when a group of really hot Eurotrash guys entered. We definitely swooned when they decided to sit at the table next to us. It was then that we decided that a good diversion would be to play backgammon. The next thing I know, it’s midnight.

Nevertheless, I woke up late this morning and got to work at 8:30. I will probably stay late rather than cut my lunch short. Fortunately I did get a raise yesterday. Yay 5%!!!!! Um… I think I’m going to go drink tonight. Yeah!