Poop on a Train Station Bench

This is exactly what I posted on Facebook on Thursday: “I see a lot of people talking about Hole’s “Live Through This” today on its 25th anniversary. But I really love this b-side [“Old Age”, a b-side on the “Violet” single.] Actually it’s my favorite Hole song that brings tears to my eyes.” Holy shit I am really fucking inarticulate! […]

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Strange Weekend

Last weekend was a strange weekend for one reason: I was out of the house. I rented the Wow! room at the Standard Hotel in DTLA. I think part of it was to relive my birthday from 2011 when things were a lot sloppier thanks to some Fernet and a coworker having sex with a random on the couch. Friday […]

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Happy Birthday To Me

For someone who doesn’t take the concept of aging very well, this one was a doozy. I’ve been dreading this ever since I was throwing up from food poisoning the day after my 30th birthday. My 30s were a roller coaster of unpredictability, regret, depression, death, loneliness and resignation. I abruptly quit one job to go into another that I […]

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I want new shoes. I want new clothes. I want new furniture. I want a new apartment. I want new trips. I want I want I want.

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2018 – The Year I Should Have Died

Heart failure. Diabetes. High blood pressure. I really should have died this year. I always thought I would be dead by the time I reached 40. I guess I have three more months before I do hit 40, so there is still time for the prophecy to be fulfilled. Despite this brush with death, I can’t say 2018 completely sucked. […]

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I Don’t Want To Be Here

Over It

I hate being back here in the states. Absolutely nothing feels right. I couldn’t get the feeling that I was escaping the US by being there on vacation. Everything has gotten so scary, the little reprieve of being in Berlin and Prague was just what the doctor ordered. My first night in Berlin I went out to Woof Berlin just […]

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Diamanda Put a Spell On Me

Diamanda Galas

Before seeing Diamanda Galás last week, I was trying to find ways to describe her. Some adjectives and nouns I used: avant-garde, scary, goth, blues, shrieking, banshee, wailing, mournful, strange. Nothing I said I felt conveyed adequately how Galás affects me. I mean, how do you describe this: I didn’t convert anyone, but I didn’t really give a shit. I […]

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