Friends Don’t Let Friends Work at Disney

On Saturday I saw Poor Things with Brendan and Faith, and it was fucking amazing. Yorgos Lanthimos gets better and better with each film, and this one was so enjoyable. This is Emma Stone’s best performance, bar none. 

There was a bad part of the movie: at the very beginning it showed that Searchlight is the distributor. I instinctively blurted out, “Fuck Disney.” (Disney dropped the “Fox” from Searchlight when they bought Fox.)

Yes, I am bitter. On the very day I got back from my European vacation last year, I was told by my bosses that due to “job realignment” I was getting a 20% pay cut starting at the new year. So because their AP department did a fucked up job with the “accounting consolidation” with Hulu, I got sent off to their Procurement Department. 

Fine. So I started my job search at the beginning of the year. That itself was an up and down saga, but eventually I got my current job which makes me happy. 

But I do hold bitterness to Disney. It turned what was a fine job at Hulu into fucking misery. It’s true that the accounting team at Hulu weren’t a bed of roses either, but the Disney team? I’ll just say that if I tried to act like Disney AP while at Hulu, we would have all been fired. 

Disney gave me nothing but misery. It was miserable working for them, they cut my pay which fucked my finances this year. So now when I see something that is related to Disney, I cringe. 

The saying “Friends don’t let friends work at Disney” exists for a reason.

But do watch Poor Things. It’s real good and should win all the awards.