The Dodgers Are Pussies

Maybe no one told the Dodgers that the pull-out method doesn’t always work. If you’re going to fuck someone with no protection, then you gotta accept the consequences. For their Pride Night, the Dodgers were going to honor the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, but a bunch of Catholics and right-wing Nazis wrote a bunch of letters and the Dodgers got scared. The Dodgers have decided to uninvite the Sisters. Of all the fucking people to listen to. Yeah, we’ll take our moral cues from a bunch of pedophiles and white folks who live in a delusional racist utopian fantasy. These are the same people who think black pepper is too much spice.

Fucking pussies. I guess that’s what happens when a fucking capitalist investment what-the-fuck-ever soulless vampire owns the team.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, after all these Pride celebrations have just turned into corporate grab-bags for our queer dollars. Bud Light and Bank of America sure as hell didn’t want anything to do with us in the 80s when we were being killed off by AIDS. Now that Nazis and spineless soulless vampire politicians are attacking us queers, these corporations are showing just how tenuous their connection to us actually is, just how easy they are willing to toss us aside to ensure their bottom lines are as fat and juicy as possible (the only thing black they like, by the way.)

I also shouldn’t be surprised that the Dodgers would do this in light that they waited until that fat fuck Tommy Lasorda finally died before honoring Glenn Burke last year, arguably the creator of the high five and the first openly gay MLB player in the late 70s. His Dodger teammates didn’t care that he was gay and Burke was considered the heart of those 1976 and 1977 World Series teams. Burke refused the Dodgers offer of a honeymoon if he married a woman and was traded to the A’s in 1978. He was out of baseball by 1979 and died of AIDS in 1995. But the Dodgers couldn’t honor Burke until the guy who refused to acknowledge that his own kid died of AIDS and was gay kicked the bucket.

This is just a reminder that corporations and sporting teams don’t care about anything except your money. Capitalism is their moral guide, and they will always do what will make them the most money. I guess what makes it infuriating is you hope that life isn’t this cynical, and once you are proved wrong it just fucks you up.