What I Liked about 2023

This is what I liked about 2023. Yes, despite going through Disney hell and mostly hating it, I did like some things about this year. Here are some unexpected happy moments over the last 364 days:

  • Going to Alaska and seeing the Aurora Borealis – Going into my 27th state, I got lucky and in the two hours that the skies were clear, the aurora showed up! Because of the time change, I’m not sure if it was 2 am or 1 am or whatever, but there it was shimmering and green undulating throughout the skies. I’ll never fucking forget that.
  • Henry Kissinger died – Fuck this war criminal asshole. I really hope he is being fucked with hundreds of cocks lined with razors and barbed wire in every orifice. If anyone wanted proof that god does not exist, the fact that he made it past 100 and was fairly healthy during those years should prove that being a good person makes no fucking difference. Good fucking riddance.
  • Getting a new job – That goes without saying.
  • Seeing Unwound – I saw them twice in February.
  • Being whipped – R flogged me real good right after I got off of Lexapro. I sorta knew I would like it, but I didn’t expect to like it that much. I was hard the whole time.
  • Fine dining in Vegas – For my cousin’s birthday in January, we went to Bazaar Meats and spent over $600 between the two of us for food. That was fucking fantastic. I was not hard the whole time.