Horniness and Mountains

I had a dream last week. I was on my honeymoon with R at a hotel in Bratislava, and for some reason we hadn’t consummated the marriage yet. The horniness was consuming me. We were in a jacuzzi, and I ripped my shorts off. “You need to fuck me right now,” I yelled. And I needed that dick in my ass right then and there. My dick was so hard it had grown an extra two inches and dripped like a fountain. Since my dick was right there in front of his face, he started sucking me off. But I needed his dick in my ass. I got my dick out of his mouth, got into the jacuzzi and sat on his lap. That dick needed to be inside of me.

It’s been a long time since I felt that level of horniness. Like even when I was at my horniness right after I got off of Lexapro, it wasn’t that ravenous. Every cell in me needed that dick to penetrate me, to feel that moment of breath-taking pain, that moment when your eyes roll backwards when his dick hits your prostate. Every cell in my body needed it at that point.

What ended up happening is I woke up and took a piss, got back into bed and slept til morning where the daily routine recommenced. It’s odd because I although I don’t feel that level of need, I can remember the feeling of it. And I haven’t decided if it makes me depressed or not.

What I did do yesterday was go along the Backbone Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains by Malibu. It was very pretty and all. And if that wasn’t tiring enough I decided it would be a great time to get my smog check, go to the Korean market and do laundry. I’m tired.